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Chengdu Travel Tips

Chengdu Travel Tips

Situated in the central area of Sichuan province, Chengdu is an important city in western China. It is a place where once you come you wouldn’t like to leave because of the attractive life pace. The pleasant weather, long history and rich products make Chengdu a fabulous tourist city. As one of the famous historic and cultural cities in China, Chengdu has rich tourist resources. It now develops into a city with both thick cultural atmosphere and delightful sceneries.


Things that must be remembered when traveling in Chengdu:
1)     Keep positive mood and avoid strenuous activities when traveling at high attitudes in Chengdu. Do not drink much wine but eat more vegetables. People with poor health condition had better take medicine along.
2)     Go to taxi stations to call a taxi when coming out of the airport. This will avoid you of inconvenience and save your money.
3)     In some tourist attractions, the management of some night activities is not that good, so be careful when participating in such kind of fun activities.
4)     July and August are the hottest months in Chengdu, but there are still great summer resorts for you to enjoy yourself such as Qingcheng Mountain, Xiling Snow Mountain, Jiulonggou, Jiufeng Mountain and Longchi Forest Park.
Things highly recommended when travelling in Chengdu:
1)     Have a taste of Chengdu snacks. Chengdyu noodles, dumplings, preserved fruits, cakes, tangyuan, and fried pies are all widely received.
2)     Go to teahouses. The old saying that Chengdu people are either in the teahouses or on the road to teahouses vividly demonstrates the popularity of teahouses in Chengdu. You can go to teahouses to have an experience of the life of Chengdu citizens.
3)     Go Shopping and wander on Chunxi Road. Chunxi Road is the typical and the most prosperous commercial walking street in Chengdu. There you can buy some Sichuan snacks and at the same time admire Chengdu beauties.
4)     Listen to the cultural quintessence in Chengdu---Sichuan opera.

Recommended tourist attractions in Chengdu

Kuanzhai Lanes

The Kuanzhai Lanes between Xiatongren Road and Chuangshun Road witness the long history of Rongcheng Street. They are composed of the court yards and three parallel lanes: the Wide Lane, Narrow Lane and Well Lane. Together they constitute one of the three historic and cultural preserves of chengdu.

Du Fu Cottage

Situated on the bank of Huanhuaxi Stream outside the West Gate of Chengdu, Du Fu Cottage is the former residence of China’s famous realistic poet Du Fu. The centre of the cottage stands the statue of Du Fu, with inscribed boards and couplets by well-known people of different dynasties. There also hangs the portrait of this great poet.

Qingcheng Mountain

Qingcheng Mountain is in the Qingcheng and Doujiangyan Scenic Spot, on the western and northern border of Chengdu Plain, 68 km away from Chengdu and 16 km from Dujiangyan. Qingcheng Mountain backs on Minshan Snow Ridge and faces to the Western Sichuan Plain. Covered by green trees throughout the year, it has surrounding peaks assembling the outer city walls, thereby getting the name Qingcheng (means green outer city walls).