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Sanya Entertainment


Sanya Entertainment


The entertainment activities in Sanya are of great variety. Sea sports, beach play, or golf, hot spring, spa, bar, will really hit the spot! As a coastal city, water sports are certainly essential. The gulf of Sanya is warm and calm year-round which is perfectly suitable for water sports such as windsurfing, swimming, and water skiing and so on; diving is also couldn’t be better due to the well-maintained submarine coral landforms. In recent years, Wuzhizhou Island is becoming a diving hot spot gradually, and it is said that this island was used to be a military zone which is the reason why the water here is of superior quality. It is also well known as the "purest paradise among the Southern Seas of China.


In addition to these interesting water sports, there are also some special local festivals here.
March 3 Festival
Time: Lunar March 3 each year
Location: the whole Sanya City
Introduction: March 3 is a major traditional festival among the Li and Miao ethnic groups in Hainan, which was first held in 2006 in Sanya. On every Lunar March 3, many colorful folk activities will be held in the entire range of Sanya City, including torch relay, bonfire carnival, Art Exhibition of Li and Miao ethnic groups, sports competition, bamboo dance, antiphonal singing competitions and so on. These traditional ethnic activities continue down the festival with a modern and brilliant form.
Chinese Valentine 's Day
Time: Lunar July 7 every year
Location: Tianya Haijiao scenic spot in Sanya
Introduction: This festival is held in the fmous scenic spot, Tianya Haijiao, which means “The ends of the earth and the corners of the sea”. During the festival, Tianya Haijiao Wedding Day will be held that many couples from around the country will participate in and hold their grand wedding ceremonies together here, which will definitely adds a romantic feeling to the ancient land Tianya Haijiao.
Nanshan Longevity Cultural Festival
Time: the Lunar September 9
Location: Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone
Introduction: Sanya is China's famous longevity town where China Nanshan Longevity Cultural Festival is held every year since the International Day for the Elderly held on Lunar September 9, 1999. This festival usually set the theme on “respect and care for the elderly, keep in good health” and carries out a series of activities including the Longevity Show, Longevity Regime Forum and parties for the elderly.
Hainan Roundabout International Road Cycling Race
Time: in November every year
Location: Sanya and Haikou

Introduction: The stage design of this annually held cycling race covers all types of flat roads, hills, mountain, timing and other road races, and the total mileage of it is approximately 1000 kilometers. The event has stimulated the cycling boom in Hainan that many residents in Hainan start to love cycling and every time the race begins, local people will pay close attention to it.


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