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Sanya Travel Tips



Sanya Travel Tips

Sanya, the southernmost coastal tourist city of China, is located at the south end of Hainan Island. Known as “Hawaii of the Orient”, Sanya enjoys 19 bays, of which Yalong Bay, Dadonghai Bay and Sanya Bay are most welcome by both tourists and locals, all characterized by white sand, calm sea and mild wind. What’s more, it is blessed with perennial warmth. Therefore, seashore activities are strongly recommended.



Tourist can enjoy water sports such as sail boarding, swimming, water skiing, etc. Diving is also an advisable activity in Sanya, since the corals in the seafloor are well-preserved. Apart from adventurous, Sanya is also romantic. Taking a walk under the coconut palms along the beach at sunset and relishing the glowing sky are perfect choice for couples. Its tropical sceneries formed by sunshine, sea and beach offer substantial relaxation to both body and mind. There are several things to keep in mind: Do take care of your belongings everywhere you go; do not attend water activities if we have hypertension or heart disease.
In spring (March to early May), Sanya’s temperature averages 20. T-shirt and cotton dress are recommended. Summer in Sanya (from May to mid-September) is humid and hot, thus T-shirt and silk-made stress are sensible choice. Rainy season comes between May and November, so make sure you take umbrella according to weather. Umbrella is always available in the hotel lobby. Most public places in Hainan are equipped with air conditioner; sometimes a light jacket is needed. In fall, rainfall declines and the weather become clear and dry; one piece of shirt or sweater is enough. In winter, temperature slight drops; a light jacket should be added. Sometimes the temperature can fall to 12, so it is suggested to bring a coat. In general, every season is optimum time to visit Sanya!
Food & Shopping: 
1. Do authenticate handicrafts (shells and crystals) before buying.   
2. Do not buy coral or coral-made products, for their sales are banned in China.
3. Do bargain with peddler if we are interest in the goods. If not, do not respond to him.
4. Do eat seafood in a standardized restaurant. Look for restaurant with the most cars parking outside.
5. Do not drink beer while eating seafood.
6. Do take care of your belonging everywhere you go.
7. Do not attend water activities if we have hypertension or heart disease.

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