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Sanya Food & Restaurants


Sanya Food & Restaurants



As a major tourist city, Sanya offers a variety of Hainan-style cuisines. Four most famous dishes in Hainan are Wenchang chicken (sliced boiled chicken served with soy sauce, ginger sauce or ginger and scallion sauce), Jiaji duck (Sliced Boiled duck), Dongshan lamb and Hele crab. 



As a coastal city, Sanya serves numerous kinds of seafood, including fish, shrimp, scallop and crab, which are a “must” for tourists. Some most-welcome seafood dishes include steamed sea chestnut, steamed scallop, abalone, lobster, congee with spotted crab, and shrimp with spiced salt, steamed sea bass, hump head wrasses, etc.
Tropical fruits are available every season in Sanya and they are relatively cheap. Common fruits are coconut, mango, pawpaw, durian, wax apple, banana, guava, pitaya, jackfruit, litchi and mangosteen. Fresh fruit juice is recommended.
Nanshan vegetarian meal
The unique and renowned food in Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone is its vegetarian dishes. The most famous dishes include shredded eel with sesame Oil, dry-braised steamed perchsautéed Chinese caterpillar fungus.
“Bamboo rice” of Li people
 “Bamboo rice”, rice baked in bamboo tube, is a traditional food of the Li people, an ethnic group of China. Characterized by its tastiness and convenience, “bamboo rice” provides three main flavors: salty rice, black soy bean rice and meat rice. 
“Colored rice” of Miao people
Colored rice is a special dish of Miao people, another ethnic group of China. Colored rice comprises three colors, red (okra), yellow (ginger), and black (trident maple). The rice is steamed in a special wood steamer. This dish is a must when the locals celebrate festivals.
Hainan-style vermicelli
Hainan-style vermicelli is the most traditional and typical specialty in Hainan. The rice-and-potato-made noodle is often mixed with soy sauce, mashed garlic, sesame oil, bean sprout, sliced beef, dried shredded squid, fried peanut, cooked sesame and other ingredients. 
Wenchang chicken

Wenchang chicken, sliced boiled chicken served with soy sauce, ginger sauce or ginger and scallion sauce, tops the four famous dishes of Hainan cuisine. It is the dish that tourist cannot miss when travelling in Hainaan. The chicken meat is tender and soft, fat but not greasy.




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