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                                                     Guilin Entertainment

Travel to Guilin, you can not only enjoy the picturesque beauty but also enjoy the fun of modern entertainment. In recent years, the emerging entertainment activities prevail one after another in Guilin. The liveliest places include nightclubs, bowling alley and so on. In addition, the Folk Custom Garden in Linjiang Road is a famous scenic spot filled with local characteristics where tourists can enjoy the culture of the various ethnic groups.

Recommended Entertainment


"Dream Like Lijiang (acrobatic show in Guilin)"

It is a large-scale landscape panoramic performance which combines acrobatics and ballet perfectly, demonstrates the theme of the Lijiang River Culture and adds a new cultural content to the beautiful scenery of Guilin. In recent years, a new version of the play has been introduced with much more powerful high-tech.

“Evening illuminated Impression of Liu Sanjie”

Impression of Liu Sanjie is a large-scale performance which tells a story of the legendary heroine of the Zhuang people, Liu Sanjie. With the scenery of Li River as a stage and auditorium, the performance changes according to the different sceneries and the weather of the four seasons. The performance uses the largest scale of luminous art in China and unique smoke edges to create a dreamy visual effect. Enjoy the performance and you will learn about the life of locals.

“Evening Elephant Legend”

Elephant Legend is a fantastic large-scale performance. Elephant hill is the soul of Guilin's scenery and the landmark of Guilin for thousands of years. Using Elephant hill as the carrier through the four themes “Ancient Guilin”, “Secret Elephant village”, “Shadow theatre”, and “Elephant legend”, shows an all-round Guilin and will make you feel being in wonderland.


Wupaihe River Rafting: Wupaihe River is about 30 km long and possesses an elevation of more than 200 meters. There is no undercurrent and vortex along the whole river during rafting which makes it exciting and safe. Therefore it is not only suitable for mass tourism, but also possesses the natural conditions for the kayak racing and training.

Zijiang River Rafting: Zijiang River is approximately 22.5 km long. No matter taking a wooden boat or a rubber boat, it is always exciting but not dangerous. In addition, there are 36 scenic spots along the river which makes the rafting time filled with more fun. Especially in the spring season, the blooming coastal flowers are quite attractive.

Shiertan Beach Rafting: The whole length of this route is approximately 9 km and the elevation of the entire route is more than 80 meters. There are a lot of towering cliffs and rows of terraced fields on either side of the river with great thick virgin forest from the foot of the mountains to the top. In addition, the suspension of many small waterfalls in the canyon stretching between the cliffs makes people feel like being in a fairy tale.


Evening boat ride on Two Rivers and Four Lakes in Guilin

“Two Rivers and Four Lakes” refer to the round-city water system which connects Li River, Taohua River, Shahu Lake, Ronghu Lake, Guihu Lake and the newly dug Mulong Lake. Located in Guilin, it’s the most beautiful landscape in the center of the city. From Two Rivers and Four Lakes, the prosperity of Dong Dynasty reappeared. Boating in Two Rivers and Four Lakes in the night will make it a wonderful trip. As it was described in a poem, boats sail on the blue waves and people travel in the incredible picture.

Other entertainment we recommend:

Evening Cormorants fishing show in Guilin and Yangshuo

Evening West Street in Yangshuo

Bamboo raft ride on Yulong River, Yangshuo

Recommended Night Entertainment Spots:

Yiren bar


Huangjin Haian Nightclub

Shiguang Daoliu Nightclub

Jinbi Huihuang Nightclub

Lijiang Yinzuo Entertainment Ship

Jiulong Nightclub

In addition, Lijiang Yinzuo is currently the most ideal night entertainment spot n Guilin.

Address: No. 2 Dock, Binjiang Road, Lijiang West Bank, Guilin.