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Guilin Shopping

  Guilin is a well-developed city for travel. You can find various items to purchase such as precious jewellery, cheap handcrafts, decorations of the Local minorities and unique food. Make sure there is a formal license in the shop if you happen to buy expensive things, or you may be cheated on. Besides, complaints and claims are easy to be solved. The delicate crafts can be found in the Micropipette mountain terminal with an allowance of bargaining.


The local products are famous as well, the representative of them were the local pomelo which enjoys a good popularity throughout the country. The high quality of oranges in which embodies the colors are fresh, tasty and pure. Due to these qualities the oranges are very popular and sell very quickly.
 Momordica grosvenorii can be known as the East Eve's apple which claims to make the buyers of the fruit healthy and smart. The quality and yield of ginkgoes stands on the peak of the whole country, the manufacturing of Guilin rice fragrant is quite exquisite in order to get the best taste. Moreover, the wine there will definitely please you!
After the reconstructing of the Zhongshan road, the romantic Zhengyang road has exciting places for some great shopping. If you get hungry or tired, you can always treat yourself to several fine dishes along the streets for a very low price.
Guilin is not only known for beautiful landscapes but also for its famous rice noodles which are fine, round and smooth with a unique flavour. Their work is known for making the quintessential first rice flowers into pulp which they bag and filter then forms into a powder.Most stress over the brine production, its process is different from others generally in pigs and beef bones, Mangosteen and assorted seasonings from boiled rich flavour. Brine the materials and practices the flavor of rice noodles are different.
Guilin has many varieties of rice flour and it is most famous for its horse meat noodles. Using the customized ones for the horse meat ingredients, horse meats fresh tastes are famous in Bushen. Horsemeat in the past was for eating rice in magnitude more than a different way to Sheng, rice is for chopsticks and there are few tablets to thin horse meat. In addition you can add fried peanuts mixed with Guilin chilli flavor, which is particularly good.
Horsemeat rice flour is famous in the city it is said that the creation of the conveyance was in the Qing Dynasty. Small businesses have been booming, it has improved majorly with customers coming in day and night. In addition, the streets sell Guilin rice flour from their stands which visitors visit the beautiful scenery of Guilin while eating a little bowl of rice noodles, blessing eyes and mouths which is a great pleasure. Guilin rice noodles also took to the interests in the Menuhin powder shop, stones in the rice and the most famous sights Museum.