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Guilin Travel Tips


As one of China’s most popular tourist attractions, Guilin is renowned for its unique natural beauty and precious cultural relics. On top of that, a variety of nationalities living there also enhances its fame by lending a touch of mystery to it. Guilin, along with its picturesque scenery and colourful cultures, is waiting for your visit.


Must-visit attractions:

Li River Cruise

Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Area (including Li River, Taohua River, Shan Lake, Rong Lake, Gui Lake and Mulong Lake)

Elephant Hill Scenic Area (including Elephant Hill Park, Fubo Hill Park and Diecai Hill Park)

Reed Flute Cave

Outdoor musical: Impression Liu Sanjie

Jingjiang Princes Mansion

Guilin Botanical Garden

Yulong River

Seven Star Park

Impression Liu Sanjie

Impression Liu Sanjie is a world-renowned outdoor musical with a cast of more than 500 singers and dancers. The show was originally created by the famous Chinese director in 2004. More significantly, the performance venue on a riverbank surrounded by 12 mountains is the largest natural theatre in the world which takes advantage of the water of the Li River as its stage and jagged skyline of the karst peaks as its backdrop.

The performance is based on a Chinese musical movie made in 1961. The story revolved around a lady called Liu SanJie who lived in the city of Liuzhou where she worked in the fields. Liu Sanjie was well known in Liuzhou for her great singing voice. She always sang beautiful songs when working in the fields. Most of her songs condemned the repression of the local landlords who over-taxed Liu Sanjie and other farmers. Eventually, she had no choice but to leave Liuzhou for her own safety and came to Yangshuo on a bamboo raft.


Weather in Guilin:

The all-year-round temperature in Guilin is agreeable with adequate rainfall and opulent sunshine but few snows. To some degree, Guilin is an ideal destination for travel at any time.


Other small tips:

1. Given the various nationalities in Guilin, it will be a good idea to learn something about the customs of the local people before departure.

2. An umbrella is very necessary, especially in March and April when the weather there is quite rainy.

3. Food in Guilin is generally very spicy, but the restaurants are willing to tailor their menus for the customers.

4. Since bamboo rafting on the Li River is very popular, advance booking is necessary.


Medical facilities in Guilin:

The People's Hospital of Guilin

Add: No.12, Wenming Road, Guilin City

The Second People's Hospital of Guilin

Add: No.2, Diecai Road, Guilin City

The Fourth People's Hospital of Guilin (Bo'ai Humanity Hospital)

Add: No.20, Fengbei Road, Guilin City