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The tourism industry is very well-developed in Guilin. The hotels of various classes scattered around the whole city, which are of diversified styles such as star hotels ranging from two star hotel to five star hotel, county level non-star hotel, family hostel, modern art hotel, and hotel of unique styles. It can be divided into four districts according to the location:



The River View District in the city center:
The district is located beside the River Li in the center of Guilin City. There are hotels of medium or upper grade scattered around each tourist sites in the city. The environment is comfortable and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. The prices of those hotels are ranging from188 to 900Yuan.
The Railway Station
There are mainly two railway stations in Guilin, one is Guilin Station and the other is North station of Guilin. The Guilin Station is located in the southern part of the city, centered by the Railway Station and the Coach Station, serves as the main route on land for going in and out Guilin. The transportation is convenient here and the hotels here are mainly economical ones, the prices are ranging from190 to 480Yuan. There are also some ordinary hotels or relatively smaller one around the district, which provide ordinary tourists more choices. Those hotels are not only cheap in price, but also provide good service and the prices are about50 to 180Yuan.
The Lake View District in the city center:
The district is located in the Scenic Area of two rivers and four lakes nearby the city center. The hotels in the district are mainly three star to four star hotels and the prices are ranging from208-700Yuan, which meet the demand of different groups of people.
The District of International Exhibition Center

The district is in the east of Guilin City, nearby the International Exhibition Center of Guilin and the High-tech Development Zone. It is a newly-developed part of the city. The hotels in the district are mainly four-to five star hotels and the prices are ranging from 169 to 570Yuan.


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