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Local food

Guiliin in some level gains more fame throughout China due to the delicious food with the traditional features. Influenced by the combination of the styles of Hunan food carrying on sour, spicy flavor and Guangdong food that is light and tender relatively, when cooking home, Guiliners prefer the heavy flavor of Hunan food indispensible to the table for daily life. So do the restaurants that give priority to locals’ customs in correspondence with their habits.

 However, along with the development of tourism, the food styles become growing into copious categories such as Huaiyang cuisine, Minnan cuisine, Chaozhou cuisine, the Northwestern cuisine and the cuisine of the minor nationalities of Guangxi, which quickly gain power upon the local market. Of course the western food also shares this trend stealthily, whatever authentic western food or Chinese-western food create young customers’ preference nowadays.

Located in the communications centre, merchants and officials have gone on business trips arranged across Guilin from the pasting time that contributes the fact that the cultures of food are mingled with the food styles of Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan, Zhejiang, Guizhou and Fujian. During this recent century, the continuous influence coming from Guangdong and Sichuan plus the development of tourism join together to form the new savory snacks added with local specialties in Guilin.    

Talking about snacks, Guilin rice noodle needs to be mentioned as a sign of this town. If there are some varieties must be recommended, they are: Chinese lettuce rice noodle, beef tenderloin rice noodle, rice noodle with three fresh delicacies, rice noodle with gravy vegetables, sour and spicy rice noodle etc. , to name a few. All over hundreds of rice noodle restaurants specialize in different kinds of flavors, some of them even open 24 hours a day. The cook usually serves the noodle with the prepared gravy meat and the bone soup base starting to be cooked before the sun rises which tastes pure and rich complete with fragrant peanuts and minced scallions. After pour a little high soup into the noodle for bringing out the odor, the delicacy makes the most unforgettable experience during the pleased traveling.