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Jiuzhaigou Weather


           Jiuzhaigou Weather

Jiuzhaigou is not only famous for its beauty but also its pleasant weather. The average temperature in Jiuzhaigou is from 9 to 18 centigrade. The altitude of Jiuzhaigou Valley is 3000 meters. It belongs to the moisture plateau climate. It has snow at the peaks of those hills at Jiuzhaigou Valley through the whole year.

The mean temperature in spring is 9 ~ 18. Before April, there is frozen soil and snow.

In summer, the temperature is stable. The mean temperature is 19 ~ 22. But it is still a little cold at summer nights. So it is better to prepare a flimsy sweater at that time.

In fall, it is very comfortable and pleasant. The mean temperature is 7 ~ 18 . But the temperature changes quickly from daytimes to nights. After October, the soil becomes frozen.

In winter, it is quite chilly. The mean temperature is about 0. The rainfall in Jiuzhaigou is very little but concentrative. July and August are the two typical rain seasons.

Best time to Visit: April to November is the peak season to visit Jiuzhaigou.

Travel Tips: The travel time in Jiuzhaigou Valley is generally one day. Visitors can travel in two days as well. The busy time at Jiuzhaigou is the National Day and the Spring Festival. The traditional busy season at Jiuzhaigou Valley is every July to October.