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Guangzhou Shopping


                                         Guangzhou Shopping

Guangzhou is a metropolis with a long commerce history, which forms the uniqueness shopping atmosphere. From Seafood stores standing beside the flagstone pavements to shopping malls with top-class international brands, you can find whatever you want in Guangzhou.

Several shopping areas recommended.
Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, or in the short form Shangxiajiu, is a traditional commercial pedestrian opened in 1995. It is renowned for many old stores such as Guangzhou Garment Store, the Herring Shoes and Hats Store, and the Dalu Clock and Watch Store. Many traditional restaurants with Cantonese flavors could also be found here.


Beijing Road Pedestrian Street

The Beijing Road Pedestrian Street is the most modern pedestrian street in Guangzhou which combines historic sites and modern architectures perfectly together. It is regarded as the most bustling area in the city. Bookstores, shopping malls and night markets could all be found here.


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Tianhe Business Circle
Tianhe Business Circle claims to be the largest business circle in China. The most famous shoppingmall in this circle is called “Tianhe City” or the “Teemall’. This Teemall, which is more than ten years old,is still leading the fashion. It contains a cinema, a gaming centre, as well as numerous shops, restaurants, cafés and just about everything else you could think of.
Liuxingqianxian (Trendy Front)

Located in Zhongshan San Road, this place is designed for those young trendy guys. Many boutique shops and independent trendy store in Japanese and Korean styles will meet the picky tastes of every quirky fashionable guy.