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Guangzhou Transportation



                              Guangzhou Transportation


Guangzhou's Baiyun airport is 12kil out of town near the Baiyun Hills. There is a regular airbus from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) office near the train station to the airport for Y3.
Just outside the entrance to the airport is a taxi ramp. Taxis leaving from there are metered. Don't go with the taxi touts unless you want to be ripped off. When you get into a taxi, tell the driver da biao (turn on the meter). The cost should be between Y30 and Y40 depending on the size of the taxi and where you are headed in town


By Trains

head north from Guangzhou to just about everywhere in China including BeiJing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Kunming, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Shaoxing, FOShan, Zhongqing, Xian and Tianjin. Sleeptts can be booked several days in advance at CffS in Guangzhou (east of the Guangzhou train station). Otherwise, you can book your ticket at the ticketing office (in the eastern part of the Guangzhou train station) .The ticket office is open from 5.30 am to 10.30 pm.


By Bus

Buses in Guangzhou generally run from 6 am to 10 pm.
It's worth getting a detailed map of the city (for the bus routes) from one of the hawkers outside either of the train stations or at one of the hotels. There are too many bus routes to list all here, but a few of the important routes are:
No 31
Runs along Gongye Dadao Bei, east of Zhoutouzui Wharf, crosses Renmin Bridge and goes straight up Renmin Lu to Guangzhou train station at the north of the city.
No 30
Runs from Guangzhou train station eastwards along Huanshi Lu before turning down Nonglin Xia Lu to terminate in the far east of the city. This is a convenient bus to take if you want to go from the train station to the Baiyim or Garden hotels.
No 5
Starting from Guangzhou train station, this bus takes a similar route to No 31. but instead of crossing Renmin Bridge it carries on along Liu'ersan Lu, which runs by the northern side of the canal separating the city from Shamian Islnd. Get off there walk across the small bridge to the island.


The Provincial Bus Station(adjacent to Guangzhou train station)

Serves many long-distance destinations, such as Guilin, Macau, zhanjiang and zhongshan.
-----The Liuhua Bus Station(opposite the guangzhou train station and not to be confused with the guangzhou City bus station)has a number of buses to destinations within Guangdong,guanxi and Hainan including:Shantou(
140 sleeper), Chaozhou (140 sleeper), Zhaoqing (21 ), Foshan (16), Shenzhen (40)and Zhuhai (40).
-----The Baiyun Bus Station, which has minibuses to Foshan and Shenzhen. Both the Baiyun and the Liuhua bus stations are east of the Guangzhou City bus station and do not have signs found on the south side of Zhongshan 8 Lu (further along to the west of Zhongshan 7 Lu), just north of Liwanhu Park. Nearby is the Xijiao bus station (to the west of Guangfo bus station on the intersection of Huangsha Lu and Zhongshan 8 Lu), which is also useful for getting to towns in the Pearl RiverDelta. Places served from there include shenzhen,Zhongshan and zhuhai.


Taxis are available from the main hotels 24 hours a day. You can also catch a taxi outside the train stations or hail one on the street. Demand for taxis is great, particular ly during the peak hours from 8 to 9 am and during lunch and dinner hours.
Taxis are equipped with meters and drivers use them unless you've negotiated a set fee in advance. The cost depends on what type of vehicle it is. Flagfall for each type of taxi is the same (Y7) but the charge per l km after flagfall differs depending on the size of the taxi. The cost per kilometre (after flag-fall) is displayed on a little sticker on the right rear window.
Taxis can be hired for a single trip or chartered on a hourly or daily basis .


Transportation to Hong Kong

Travel Between Guangzhou&Hong Kong
The distance from Hong Kong to Guangzhou is 174 Kms. You can visit Hong Kong or Guangzhou by bus or train.
By Bus: You can find the detailed information from your hotel in Hong Kong. It's about two hours by bus. The ticket is about HK$100 (USD15). It's about 2 hours.
From Guangzhou ( Guangzhou East Railway Station) to Hongkong ( Kowloon ): please go to Guangzhou East Station and take 10:50, 14:05 15:05 or 17:40 train. It's about 2 hours.
Train :The express through train between Hong Kong and Guangzhou is comfortable and convenient. It covers the 182kin route in just under two hours.


Departures are from the Kowloon station of the Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR). You must complete immigration exit formalities at the station before boarding. Therefore, you'd best amve about 45 minutes before train departure time, as the gate closes 20 miniutes before the train departs.

In Hong Kong, tickets can be booked up to seven days before departure at China Travel Service (CTS) or the Kowloon KCR station. Return tickets are also sold. But only seven to 30 days before departure.