Zhangjiajie  Wheather

When visiting Zhangjiajie in 1986, the then lieutenant governor of Colorado State Nancy. E. Dick exclaimed that visitors to Zhangjiajie should pay five dollars for every breath. Indeed, Zhangjiajie boasts its peerlessly pure air in China. The forest park is a huge “natural oxygen bar”.

Belonging to subtropical monsoon climate, Zhangjiajie neither has intensive heat in summer nor severe cold in winter. The average temperature of the year is around 16 (60.8).
You can go to Zhangjiajie any time in the year. Usually visitors like to come here from April to October. During spring, the summer vacation and the National Day holiday (first week of October), the scenic spots receive the most visitors. April and October are regarded the best time.
In spring when grass is lush and flowers blossoming and the streams as clear as crystal, you are recommended to go to Jinbian Stream, Shili hualang (ten-mile sightseeing corridor), Huanglong Cave, Baofeng Lake and Tianzi Mountain. You can definitely get the feeling that you’ve already entered a paradise on earth, a land of idyllic beauty, a different world.
When you come here in summer, Tianzi Mountain, Jinbian Stream, Baofeng Lake, Yuanjiajie and Mengdong River are good choices. You should be noted that it rains a lot in summer, especially in July. In one hour or two after the rain, visitors can get a fantastic feeling: as the mountains are surrounded by clouds and mist, it seems that you are walking in the fairyland.
In autumn, you can visit Tianzi Mountain, Yuanjiajie, Jinbian Stream andPhoenix Town (a very distinctive traditional town). The flowing clouds and mist form magnificent sceneries in Tiaizi Mountain after rain. Walking in Xihai stone forest would be a wonderful experience. What’s better, there are delicious fruits like Kiwi fruit and Chinese honey tangerine for you to taste.
Winter is not a popular season to go to Zhangjiajie, but you might get a different experience if you come in winter. When it snows, the snow-capped mountains seem more magnificent. Just make sure you wear clothes that are as thick as possible.