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Luoyang Travel Tips


Luoyang Travel Tips


Looking at Luoyang city today, it is hard to believe that this was once one of the most important places in the country, carrying a wealth of history, glory and intrigue. Like many Chinese cities, Luoyang has suffered from modernization attempts that have taken place in recent years. The result is that today, Luoyang has a rather uninspiring and dull appearance.


Top Attractions

White Horse Temple

Lord Guan's Forest

Museum of Ancient Tomb in Luoyang City

Zhougong Temple

Luoyang Peony Park

Hanguangwu Emperor State Tomb



The First People's Hospital of Luoyang

Add: No.88, East Zhong Zhou Road

Luoyang Central Hospital

Add: No.288, Middle Zhong Zhou Road

Luoyang Dental Hospital

Add: No.518, East Zhong Zhou Road