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Luoyang Food & Restaurants


Luoyang Food & Restaurants


Local food:。
Luoyang food is famous for its copious varieties created long time ago. Luoyang yan cai born at the imperial palace appears gorgeous and delicious which is by Luoyangers described as “gold branch and jade leaf” out of the colorful vegetables cooked in this dish while the Carp (Carp jumping across the Dagon Gate in the literal translating version) is preferable in the grass root. For a midnight snack, natives are more likely to choose Bufan soup to satisfy their hunger as well as Zhangji roasted chicken which is the most common dish on the daily table.

Luoyangers grant a deep love for soup which is available to a big portion of the dishes. The large assortment of soups obviously become the most popular food in the daily streets, such as Bufan soup, spicy thick soup and beef soup。

Recommended delicacies
Bufan Soup
Made of mung bean noodle, vermicelli, dried small shrimp, laver, chives and so on, Bufan soup tastes sour and slightly spicy with aroma of beans which is the first choice when it comes to the midnight snacks.
Xin’an Dumpling
The fine white flour selected as dumpling wrappers, the pork shoulder butt minced into the main stuff, complete with scallion, hotbed chives, the heart of the cabbage, ginger seasoned with sugar, cooking wine, salt, MSG and sesame oil, Xin’an dumpling features the wrappers thin as papers, the luster shining like jade, completely five seasonings and delicious without the greasy taste.
Yanjia Mutton Soup
Yanjia Mutton Soup characters fresh mutton sliced from the sheep which is slaughtered at the same day. Using pepper instead of chili brings out the original flavor of mutton which agrees with the demand of the taste. Moreover, the soup fits the goal to preserve one’s health lifelong excellently.
Luoyang Water Banquet

 As the symbolism of Luoyang food, water banquet which goes for the various ranges of ingredients mingles vegetarianism with meat dishes, or vegetarian food cooked in the way of meat. In addition, how many the cuisine will serve in water banquet is depend on how many people will attend to the table which can be designed ether very luxurious or easily plain. The intact cuisine varies in sour, sweet, spicy and salty in the company of soup and sauce. The most important matter comes with the order which serves the meat dishes and vegetarian food one by one as a replacement for bringing out all dishes altogether. This way working like the flow of water names the banquet vividly, which is thought to convey an auspicious connotation as everything goes well.