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               Xiamen Entertainment


The recreational activities available in Xiamen appear endless as tourists have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of a wide range of leisure or active pursuits. A few of the more popular pursuits include: Marine Amusement Parks, the Golf Country Club, chic fashion boutiques or leisure cafes, bars and restaurants. Furthermore there are also various types of traditional Chinese dramas to watch, such as the Minnan drama which is filled with distinctive local qualities. Moreover the city has all kinds of hot springs waiting for you to explore and relax!

The bars and cafes in Xiamen are mainly located in Penang Road and Nanhua Road and they are filled with a boisterous atmosphere which will inspire you to dance the night away. Recommended bars include the Yashe Bar and Duchamp Bar, which have some of the most amazing selection of drinks and music on offer. Other pleasurable purists recommended include Brown Sugar Café, Sixth Night Café and the local hot spring, Riyuegu Hot Spring or Cuifeng Hot Spring.
There are also many special events in Xiamen:
Xiamen International Marathon
Time: Held annually on the first Saturday morning of January.
Introduction: Xiamen International Marathon is hosted by the Chinese Athletics Association and Xiamen Municipal People's Government. It is China’s only international marathon held in spring, as well as the only marathon track along the coastal scenery in China. Furthermore Xiamen International Marathon rivals the Beijing International Marathon, as it is one of the two major marathon races in north-south China.
Phoenix Flower Tourism Festival
Time: The blooming season of Phoenix Flower (May-June), held biennially, alternating with the Marine Culture Tourism Festival.
Introduction: This festival is named by the city tree of Xiamen, as it displays the rich cultural resources of Xiamen and the city’s unique local customs and youthful vitality. The festivals activities include: a grand opening ceremony, Phoenix Flower Poetry Conference, Beach Parties and an Exotic Fashion Show. Every festival is filled with new and exciting modifications to the program, which draw repeat visits from loyal followers and an increasing numbers of new guests.
Marine Culture Tourism Festival
Time: During the National Day in October, held every two years, alternating with Phoenix Flower Tourism Festival.
Introduction: There are more than 40 programs held during the festival which are based on water projects and beach projects. A few of the programs include activities such as: "Seafood Tasting", "Passion Rafting", "Orienteering," and "Canoeing Competitions ". The array of fantastic activities draws adventurous souls from around the world to partake in the amazing water games.