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xiamen shopping

                  Xiamen Shopping


Local Specialties  

Beaded embroidery: novel, glowing and unconventional, a folk decorative handicraft of more than 100 years, usually used to make slippers, purses, etc.
Lacquer line carvings: ideal tourism souvenir for its convenience to carry
Typical foods:
Olives made with liquorice and sugar: Assist digestion, help people sober up;
Minced pork with black mushroom: Retain freshness for a long time;  
Xiamen pie: Sweet pie with green bean for the filling and salty pie with diced meat;  
Fish-flavor peanuts: Salty and sweet, crispy and delicious;
Dried Meat Floss: No chewing, it just melts in your mouth;
Peanut Crunchy Candy: Sweet but not sticky;
Dried Longan: Thin, plump and juicy, taste refreshing;
Amphioxus: Tender meat, very tasty
Unique Business Streets 
Zhongshan Road
Zhongshan Road is a traditional thriving commercial region in Xiamen. Hundreds of shopping malls along the street is a good piece of eye-catching, providing spectacular entertainment for visitors. What’s more, the architecture featured on the both sides of the street combines delicately the European style and characteristics of the coastal city, presenting unique and amazing scenery.
SM City Plaza
SM is the largest shopping center in Xiamen, with underground Wal-Mart supermarket, sporting goods and groceries on the 1st floor, clothes on the 2nd, electronic products on the 3rd, architecture on the 4th and casual clothes and Food City on the 5th. There is also a shuttle bus in the parking lot which heads towards Ri Yuegu hot springs.
Long Tou Road on Gulangyu Island
There are many stores of handicrafts, calligraphy, painting and dry goods along both sides of the road. Sightseers could find not only the local art wares, but also jades, porcelains and antiques from all over the country.
World Trade Center Mall
World Trade Center Mall is conveniently situated next to the railway station, and is also the best-known shopping, leisure and entertainment center in Xiamen. The Kale Delicacy Plaza inside is especially rich in Xiamen’s traditional famous snacks as well as local-flavor snacks from home and abroad.
Bai Luzhou Shopping and Entertainment Center
With elegant environment and convenient transportation, Bai Luzhou offers a full range of shopping malls as well as dining and recreation facilities. Moreover, during the holidays, local folklore programs will always make their gorgeous appearance, drawing the eye of domestic and international tourist.