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Xiamen travel tips

               Xiamen Travel Tips

 Xiamen is a beautiful coastal city in China's southeast coast, the beautiful sea and mountains and different kinds of trees and flowers constitute a unique natural landscape in Xiamen where the most marvelous charm is almost everywhere. Therefore Xiamen is renowned as "Sea Garden" in China. In addition, the excellent climate contributes to the wide variety of plant growth in Xiamen that this city has been praised as "Oriental Hawaii" by the President Nixon of America.

Recommended Xiamen Attractions:
Gulangyu Island
Gulangyu is located in the southwest of Xiamen where each season seemed like spring there. Because there is a hollow boulder in this island that the waves crash it just sound as the drumbeat, this island is named after “Gulangyu” which means drum and waves island.
Haoyue Park
Haoyue Park is located in the eastern Gulangyu Island where the statue Zheng Chenggong, a hero of Ming Dynasty in China who recovered Taiwan, is the core. Supplemented by Ming Dynasty style buildings, this park has an elegant and magnificent environment.
Zhongshan Road
Zhongshan Road is the oldest commercial street in Xiamen where the flow of people is prosperous, and the goods are of great variety. In addition, the buildings in Zhongshan Road are the arcades that the main colors are pink and creamy white. After years of baptism, the charm of these buildings has been added more.
Sunlight Rock
An old saying goes like this, "if you do not board the Sunlight Rock, it’ll be like you have never been to Xiamen.’ Sunlight Rock is a leading attraction of Gulangyu which is filled with subtropical romantic feelings.
Piano Museum
The only world-class piano museum in China is located in Gulangyu Island of Xiamen. Whether you are an ordinary tourist or a musician, it will bring the endless artistic culture and music inspiration to you.
South Putuo Temple
South Putuo Temple is located in southern Xiamen which was built in the Tang Dynasty, and is one of the Buddhist resorts in southern Fujian. Buildings in this temple is so magnificent that you can’t miss it.
Xiamen University

Xiamen University is a quiet and romantic university which is surrounded by mountains and the sea. The old buildings in Xiamen University are very unique that they are combination of Chinese and Western architectural styles.