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Hangzhou Entertainment

Hangzhou Entertainment


With a long history and thriving economy, Hangzhou has also produced a lot of colorful entertainment attractions, making for a great atmosphere for people to enjoy themselves. Visitors could choose to drink tea or play cards in Meijia Wu or Longjing village in comfort, or kill time in the bars in the Nanshan Pub Road, or indulge themselves in the lakeside views of Xihu, and even live a luxurious living in the walking street at Hubin Road. It’s up to you to choose one that suits your taste.


Impressions of the West Lake
Directed by the famous director Yimou Zhang, the Impressions of the West Lake is a large-scale show performed in a genuine environment by the Xihu lakeside.
Nanshan Road
Once as the most famous pub street, Nanshan Road is now also famous for various unique and local cuisines, and is turning into the most dynamic and vibrant street alongside the Xihu Lake. Visitors have chances to taste the dishes in well-known places like Xihu Spring and Linglong Town, or swallow down a few bottles of beer in some bars like Traveler Bar and “youto” Bar.
As a self-severing ecological system and a natural paradise, Xixi National Wetland Park is not only the shooting location of the famous movie—If You Are the One, but also the only national wetland park combining city wetland, farming wetland and cultural wetland in our country.
Hubin Lu Walking Street
As the most representative place in Hangzhou, this street is also the most shining site of Hangzhou night. The architecture along both sides of the street has won many international architectural design awards. The Xihu Music fountain nearby also helps set a romantic atmosphere, dreamy and illusory.

Located at west part of Xihu Lake, Maojiabu has the most delicious peasant dishes and refreshing air. Visitors can spend a day leisurely and comfortably by drinking the Longjing Tea and feasting eyes on the verdure of the tea garden.

Fenglinwan Bookstore
Visitors could find not only books related to arts, literature and social science, but also drink a cup of coffee while reading at the art salon in the second floor, very pleasant and enjoyable.