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                               Suzhou Food & Restaurants

Local food

Suzhou is the city where one of the three cuisine cultures (Jing Cuisine, Su Cuisine and Guang Cuisine) origins and the center of the eastern area out of food culture. The nation-wide famous signature dishes include: sweet and sour mandarin fish, sizzling eels, sauced tendons of beef with crab powder, sautéed shelled shrimp, cherry pork, smoked fish, stewed pork in soy sauce, Taihu vegetable soup, stewed three kinds of poultry etc.

 As well-known as the Su cuisine, the Su snakes also prides on its various snakes which are famous for: Jinjin dehydrated tofu, pine nut candy, dried fish with shrimp roe, victory pudding, plum cake, lard pastry etc. However, the most popular snack food prefers Su-style noodle which goes with fine soup and a range of side dishes. Due to the delicate grace of the appearance and the exquisite savor of the ingredient, Su snack wins one of China Famous Four Snacks.  

Biluochun (a Chinese tea) produced in Biluo Mountain gains more reputation as much as ever did whose tea leafs resemble the conch and curl up really tight. About the origin of the name, there is a story related to the Emperor Kangxi. One year, when Emperor Kangxi patrolled down to the South by ride and visited Taihu Lake, the governor Song Luo paid tribute to him, Biluochun. After Emperor Kangxi drunk a bit and praised out loud that the tea was exclusively superior despite of its corny name so he named the tea with the place where it was yielded and listed it as one of the tributes that officials need to give every year, which proved a great honor for the tea. Besides Biluochun, Jianmen green tea and Gong tea are special local products in Suzhou as well.
Songhelou Restaurant
Category: Restaurant
AddressNo. 72, TaijingLane,
Pingjiang District,
Payment Methods: Cash
Restaurant Special Features: Sweet and sour mandarin fish, sautéed shrimp meat, sizzling eels, marinated noodle with duck meat, sautéed tendon, silver fish soup with Water Shield Leaves.  
Yushfantao Restaurant
Category: Restaurant
AddressNo. 1, XitangbeiLane,
Wuzhong District,
Payment Methods: Master Card, Visa, Cash
Restaurant Special Features: mashed potato with blue berry sauce, Suzhou sausage, fish head soup, shenxian tofu, braised rib with white turnip.