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Shanghai Entertainment


 Shanghai Entertainment 

Shanghai, as the financial center, is one of the most prosperous cities in China. All kinds of entertainment activities can be found here. Various Theme Parks, world leading cinemas and theaters, relaxing teahouses and nightclubs can meet people’s different needs.

If you are young people who pursue fashion and trends, bars that represent vanguard culture are suitable for you. These bars are close to some universities. If you care more about music and romantic atmosphere, well-equipped bars with bands performing are good choices. CJW Jazz Club and Cotton Club are among the popular ones. 


If you are a fan of movies, concerts, operas, dramas, Shanghai provides you with top-grade cinemas and theaters. Many famous singers held concerts in Shanghai. Many movies are first released in Shanghai. Shanghai is also a hosting place for many international sports meetings including NBA shanghai spot, F1 world championship, etc.
Theme Parks, Museums are the favorite places of children. Parents are suggested to take children to Disneyland to wander in fairy land. Also many museums and libraries are good for learning new knowledge; forest park and barbecue beach are perfect for young friends to gather and have fun.
If you are looking for a quiet place, teahouses are good for relax. Unlike traditional teahouses, nowadays they are more modernized. A great variety of drinks are available and the containers of the drinks are interesting and elegant. You can sit down to enjoy oriental music and have Chinese tea. You can also choose to chat with friends, playing cards and other Board Games. Body building is also a fashionable leisure activity nowadays. There are a lot of gyms for people to relax and take exercises.

At night, numerous nightclubs, coffee houses, bars and karaoke halls come to life. Whichever kind of entertainment you would like to try, you can always find it in Shanghai.