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Shanghai Travel Tips



Shanghai Travel Tips

Shanghai, as the business center of China for more than a hundred years, is a new destination for travelers. Traveling in Shanghai, you don’t have to worry about traffic, food, accommodation or entertainment because all kinds of choices can be found here.

Here are some tips for travelers in Shanghai:


1.      Shanghai is a big city. Spots are not close to each other. So when making a travel schedule, you should consider visiting the neighboring spots in the same day. And considering the traffic jam, you’d better not arrange a very tight schedule.
2.      A newest edition map is a good helper, but you should find a high quality one with detailed and true information about traveling.
3.      It will be very convenient to live close to the crossroad of subway lines. But the price can be higher than other places. The other hotels near subway stations are also good. You can reach the city center quickly by taking subway train.
4.      Making reservations in Shanghai is very important and convenient. You can book tickets for theatre, sports competition, movies, and trains and ships at the tourist information centers. If you are going to famous restaurants, you have to book a table in at least one day advance. Many restaurants like KFC provide home delivery services.
5.      Breakfast in hotels is usually free and abundant. When having lunch nearby travel spots, you should pay attention to the menu. Do not order dishes that didn’t label an exact price.
6.  The price of most entertainment activities are not the same in the day and at night. If you want to save money, go to these places in the day. It may be much cheaper.

Shanghai is a place definitely worth going, whatever you are looking for, food, culture, shopping fun or just for looking around, you’ll not be disappointed.