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Beijing Entertainment


Beijing Entertainment


Beijing, the capital city of China, provides people with a variety of entertainment. Going to the temple fairs during the Spring Festival, savouring tea in teahouses in your leisure time, enjoying Pecking opera in high mood, drinking wine in bars at night, going skiing in winter, these are all activities full of pleasure that you can pursuit in Beijing.



Teahouses in Beijing have enjoyed great fame for a long time, which are typical epitomes of Beijing folk culture and civil culture. People gather in teahouses to drink tea, have meals, have fun activities and communicate with others.

Temple fairs

The first lunar month is the time when temple fairs are held in Beijing. From the New Year’s Eve till the first day in the second lunar month, there are many grand temple fairs in places such as the Earth Temple, Longtan Lake District, Dongyue Temple and Chaoyang Park. Hordes of people come to watch performances and enjoy the buzz of Chinese New Year.


There are many schools of quyi that enjoy a long history in Beijing, of which the most popular is the quintessence of Chinese culture---Pecking Opera. This traditional Chinese art can be appreciated in many opera theatres. Nowadays watching cross-talk in Deyunshe is becoming a fad.

Music and drama

Watching a very Chinese drama or listening to a concert of high level will also be fantastic activities during your Beijing tour.


Modern Beijing gathers quite a number of bar streets, bar regions, and bar communities. When nigh falls, the shining and colourful neon lights appeal young people to relax in these bars. Following are some recommended bar areas: Sanlitun, Houhai, Nanluogu Valley and Blue Harbour.


There are places worth going even in big snowfalls. Take your skiing board and put on your down jackets, you mustn’t miss the fun of skiing and having a snowball fight in the icy world.

Amusement parks

If you like adventure, go and enjoy yourself in amusement parks. There are a lot of amusement parks in Beijing, among which Beijing Happy Valley and Shijingshan Amusement Park are the most popular.



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Jul.10, 2014

"don't listen to this joker"
Sorry to say, but this has to be the most uninformed guide to Beijing food ever written, looks like the author was most likely paid by one of the big restaurants listed here. With such a diverse selec...Read More


Dec.29, 2010

There would be many kind of day trips here in Beijing, like day trip to great wall, day trip to temples, day trip to hutong and museum and ect. onetourchina could handle this.