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Beijing Shopping


Beijing Shopping


As the ancient capital of China for over one thousand years, Beijing has enjoyed a long economic history. Various kinds of craftsmen created different kinds of delicate handiworks, which were soon identified as the quintessence of Chinese traditional crafts.

Chinese art and crafts are specially designed to tell a traditional Chinese story, these artifacts include; cloisonné, dough modeling, kite, the Chinese knot, traditional scissor-cut, and the traditional Chinese paintings. There are many traditional shops which sell these magnificent artifacts and art works.
In China the younger shops are those that have only been operating for several hundred years. In the city centre of Beijing there is a large business street, which is renowned for its  fashionable shopping malls and characteristic shops. The abundant shopping opportunities in Beijing symbolize the important role Chinese traditional art and crafts served through the century’s.
Places to Buy Traditional Handicrafts

The most famous and unique traditional handicrafts shop can be found onDashilan street, the sheer size of the shop is overwhelming as it spans nearly 300 meters. The narrow street attracts remarkable crowds of travellers, the elegant shops on both sides Tongrentang and Zhangyiyuan have an amazing array of gifts, souvenirs’ and traditional art and crafts for sale.

The Beijing Curio City shop is a great example of Beijing’s shopping culture which has overtaken other Asian nations, as its emphasis the variety and scope of shops available. . The array of antiques and traditional art styles which have been handed down from ancestors, and the mix of new handicrafts make this unique shopping Centre a great experience. Panjiayuan Antique Market has an assortment of cultural relics, paintings, calligraphies and china, which will decorate any room. With over three thousands stores on offer, the fascinating shopping options are limitless! A well-known Chinese best-selling novelist described the selling of artifacts as borrowing from the past to improve the ambience of today .

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"don't listen to this joker"
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There would be many kind of day trips here in Beijing, like day trip to great wall, day trip to temples, day trip to hutong and museum and ect. onetourchina could handle this.