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Beijing Accommodation


Beijing Accommodation


More than 1,000 hotels in China accommodate foreign visitors, with a total of 100,000 guest rooms and 240 thousand beds. These hotels are rated according to established international star-rating standards. These tourist hotels, star-rated ones in particular, bear the brunt of the flow of foreign visitors to China, providing them with food, lodging and many other services according to international standards.


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Theme Hotels
Here are themes hotels you can choose hotel according to your request, so many themes one of them will suite your taste.


Reviews of Beijing


Mr. Kirk


Jul.10, 2014

"don't listen to this joker"
Sorry to say, but this has to be the most uninformed guide to Beijing food ever written, looks like the author was most likely paid by one of the big restaurants listed here. With such a diverse selec...Read More


Dec.29, 2010

There would be many kind of day trips here in Beijing, like day trip to great wall, day trip to temples, day trip to hutong and museum and ect. onetourchina could handle this.