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Hong Kong Food & Reataurants


Hong Kong Food & Reataurants


Local food

In the early time, residents in Shanghai grew familiar with Hongkong-style food and the culture by beginning to drinking morning teas partly instead of having breakfast though they share the same concept. Several food carts are able to serve more than a hundred of early birds to start a new day with full of energy which is thought as the most bustling plots to enjoy the first meal in a day. However, the memorable scenes of the crowds turn out to the modest situation in comparison with Hongkong’s. When it comes to a bigger restaurant where is capable of presenting over one hundred delicate desserts, say a hotel, it is nothing remarkable that hundreds of eaters flock around in the hall for a breakfast with some chats. Whenever on the weekdays or the weekends, a family or a group of friends head to the morning tea place and take pleasure in having breakfast together which eventually becomes a symbolism of the one-of-the-kind phenomena culturally. As far as the pace of the modern society increases rapidly, most of people have no time to have an exquisite cup of tea out of fastidious, but there can find no excuse to not to grab a bite of dim sum with refined grace.

 Pineapple bread actually is not a kind of bread made of pineapple which just resembles the brown-yellow color of the roasted pineapple. Hot pineapple bread just removed from the oven within a piece of cool butter brings a flavor of butter melting in the mouth and soft inside, crispy outside. Only taking one bite has you recollected the pleasant taste out of it over and over! Some even are added with valuable foie gras which makes people drool virtually.

Special shrimp har gow usually collects two intact shrimps wrapped in a thin, crystal dumpling. Although it does not bring a juicy feeling, unusual for people’s imagination for dumplings, the dipping sauce vinegar stimulates the aroma of the freshness of the seafood when you get a bite. The various assortments of fish balls and beef balls also are optional for alternative choice which pick up the fresh, juicy meat leaving the soup base the succulent pureness of the ingredients. Note that it is though called “morning tea”, the service on almost every restaurant is available until eight or nine even ten o’clock in the morning for your convenience to go for a late breakfast.