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Pingyao shopping


            Pingyao Shopping

Shanxi is the leading coal producer in China for it is rich in coal mines. The air here is sometimes loaded with coal dust and quite dry. And the solar ultraviolet is strong here. The sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrella and lip salve are recommended.

China Pingyao International Photography Festival is held annually during mid September. Photographers come from all over China and other countries like US, France, Italy and Korea to display their work here. They also share their experience and knowledge of photography here in forums during the festivals.

Shehuo Festival takes place during every Spring Festival here. 'Shehuo' is a kind of folk art performance in north China, which is hold to celebrate the New Year or as part of other important ceremonies. In Shehuo Festival of Pingyao, the streets and houses are decorated with colorful lights. Various folk performances, such as the dragon dance and lion dance, Jin Opera, and performances with drums and gongs take place in the streets.



The historical prosperity of Pingyao established in ancient times has left this city of many millennia imposing city walls and a series of ancient buildings as well as a vitality for handcrafts and local products:

Tuiguang Lacquerware (Polished Lacquerware):
Pingyao's Tuiguang Lacquerware is famous for its fine hand polished finish. The process used in its production dates from the early years of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and it prospered in Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911). With a simple antique appearance, such lacquerware looks most elegant, with a wonderful smooth, shining surface.

The principal color of the lacquerware is coal-black, but Chinese red, an apricot color or greenish purple are also used. Most are then decorated with golden and resplendent designs based on figures from classical novels or legends. What's more, the designs are achieved with inlays of small polished shells, mother of pearl, ivory and even colorful pebbles, which add much to their delicate appeal. There is a wide variety of lacquerware available ranging from folding screens, wardrobes or jewelry caskets.

Recommended shop:
Hunqi Zhai: The lacquerware available here is famous in Pingyao. What's more, the Hunqi Zhai is also an ancient residence with typical Shanxi style.
Address: No.7, Huludu, Shuyuan Street, Pingyao Old City

Liuhetai Pillow: 'Liuhetai' refers to the harmony and peace of the world in Chinese. The 'Liuhetai Pillow' is different from the traditional solid pillow we use. It is almost cuboid with symmetrical communicating apertures on each side. Such a design endows the pillow with an ability to breathe that promotes good health. Because of these special holes, people do not feel pressure on their ears during sleep.

Cloth Shoes: The handmade cloth shoes in Pingyao are commonly seen. Cloth shoes are quite absorbent and ventilate the feet. They are not as hard as leather shoes and so are inclined to be much more comfortable. You will find various kinds of cloth shoes sold in Pingyao's streets: some in simple black, some are embroidered and some are of damask cloth. All of them may be regarded as exquisite handicrafts as well as practical shoes promoting good to health.