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Xian Entertainment



Xi'an Entertainment


Xi’an is an ancient city, as well as a prosperous city in the Northwest China. You can find all kinds of places for recreation and entertainment there. The modern places for entertainment such as Disco, Ballroom, KTV are of various classes and are suitable for different group of people. The places of entertainment are gathered around the Peace Gate, the Li ja cun, The Rose finch door, the East Street, the South Street, Xiao Zhai and other blocks, fitting for the citizens to drink and have party.




Telford Lane to the north of the Xiangzimiao Street represents the modern leisure style of Xi’an. There assemble more than 40 bars, tea houses and cafes that are decorated in the ancient style, while performing the new rhythm of the ancient capital everyday, and the places get even more attractive when it comes to the night.
In Xi’an you can watch the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance which are full of ancient feelings, such as “Tang Changan Dance” “Feather Dress Dance” “Terracotta Warrior Soul”. Those performances can be enjoyed at the Tang Le Palace in the North Changan Street, The Grand Theater in North Wenyi Road and Datang Furong Garden. They are all professional performances of dance. It is also a great choice to enjoy the unique Shaanxi Qinqiang Opera in the Xiyi Road near the Bell Tower. The Shaanxi TV station has program of QInqiang competition every Monday. There will be more competitions of Qinqiang Opera when comes to festivals that satisfying the audience’s needs. Besides, on the north square of the Big wild goose pagoda stands the biggest music fountain throughout the Asia, perform at certain time each day. If you visit here at night, you will by all means fully enjoy yourself there.