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Xian Shopping


Xi'an Shopping


As one of the most significant cities in northwestern China, Xi’an develops dramatically in recent years. There are plenty of shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets in the city, which are mainly located along Dong Dajie, Nan Dajie and Jiefang Lu. Known as a historic city, Xi’an does not let the tourist down. Visitors can feast their eyes on numerous handicrafts, replicas of antiques as well as products from all over the world.


Main shopping districts
Shu Yuanmen Art Street: Four Treasures of the Study (writing brush, ink, paper and inkstand), calligraphy and painting, tourist souvenirs;
Moslem Street: Local specialties, art wares, tourist souvenirs;
Jiefang Lu -Dong Dajie-Drum Tower-Nan Dajie-Xi Dajie: Modern shopping sites with high-end department stores scattered;
Intersection area of Big Wild Goose Pagoda: Paradise of digital products;
Xiao Zhai shopping districts: Best shopping destination for those who pursue the fashion trace
Many high-quality native products, such as walnut, pomegranate, thick wine and crystal cake, are popular especially with numerous admiring visitors. Some art wares and tourist souvenirs, especially handicrafts of paper-cut, replicas of clay figures of warriors and horses and peasant painting in Hu County, are always taken as gifts for friends and relatives. Compared with big shopping centers, Shu Yuanmen and Moslem Street are better destinations because buyers could bargain.
Main Shopping malls
Fang Hui shopping mall, Chang an shopping plaza, Xi Gong shopping center, Xian Ninglu shopping center, Bai Lemen shopping mall, etc.
Major Department Stores

Tang Cheng Department Store, Kai Yuan Shopping Mall, Churin Company, Xi’an department store, Xi’an commercial building, etc. 


Local Specialties
Besides the above mentioned, other local specialties include wickerwork, Chinese gooseberry, green porcelain, rubbing stones, shadow puppet, straw products, Xifeng Liquor, dough figurines pinchingrattan plaited articles, Shaanxi Chinese chestnut, the clay sculpture, wood engraving picture, Lintong persimmon and pomegranate, Shaanbei Large Red Dates, copy of Tang wall painting, facial painting of Shanxi Opera, peasant painting in Hu County, the colored drawing on pottery, replicates of bronze cars and horses as well as Tang tri-colored glazed pottery, etc.