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Xian Accommodation


Xi'an Accommodation


Xi’an is an international tourist city. There are great amount of tourists from both China and abroad coming to visit Xi’an each year. It is very convenient for tourists to find accommodations of various classes almost at any time. However, if you are in the peak season of traveling or you want to live in the city center, it is better for you to book the hotel in advance. Most of the hotel could provide the service to book the train tickets for the guests. The accommodation fee is not too high in Xi’an. Generally speaking, you should spend about 300-500 Yuan for living in a hotel with better living condition, and just about 100-200 Yuan for a relatively common one.



It is recommend to live nearby the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower, because they are located at the center of the city so that it is not far away to get to the other tourists sights from there and the transportation is convenient as well. As the result, the prices are higher than the hotels in other districts.
It is also a good choice to live in the blocks surrounding the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower, such as East Street, West Street, South Street and North Street and other streets like Bamboo City, South Gate and Pink Street. There are hotels of all classes including the economic ones and the price is cheaper compare to those nearby the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower.

For the backpackers, there are several youth hostel opened worldwide, the price is usually 40-60 Yuan for a bed. In addition, there are a great number of universities in Xi’an, almost each university has hostels and hotels, the price of which is usually not high for about 25-50Yuan for a bed and 80-200Yuan for a common room. However , the universities usually require guarantee of the teachers or students with their credentials.



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