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Xian Food and Restaurants



X'an Food & Restaurants


Xi’an is rich of the feeling of the Northeast. There are a great many famous foods in Xi’an that people have heard of lots of times, such as “Stuff Chinese bread with cooked pork”, Pita bread soaked in lamb soup”, “ cool noodles”, “Qishan noodles, “dumpling banquet”. There are many restaurants in Xi’an that make “Pita bread soaked in lamb soup”, almost several in every street. It is no doubt that the most famous one is The Sun house.

Besides, the Tongshenxiang bubble steamed mutton restaurant, the Prince building imperial restaurant, the Xi’guan bubble steamed mutton restaurant, the Spring coming bubble steamed mutton restaurant also enjoy great popularity. The dumpling banquet is another famous food in Xi’an, the restaurant of dumping banquet in Jiafang Road is very well-known. In addition, Tianjin dumpling restaurant, Defachang dumpling restaurant, Yongxin restaurant are all have each features. At xi’an you can not only eat snacks at the Nanshao Gate, but also in the snack street on the back of the Bell Tower. There are all architectures of the ancient style alongside the street, and you can find almost all kinds of famous food in Xi’an here.