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Tai'an Attractions

Located in central Shandong Province, Taian was built along Mount Tai. Such a unique mountain city is a harmonious union of the old Mount Tai and the modern city. Taian has a long history and cultural tradition. 5 thousand years ago, Dawenkou Culture was originated here, which was an important part of the Chinese civilization. Owing to its rich tourism resources, nowadays Taian has developed a perfect system of food, lodging, travel, shopping and entertainment. Mount Tai in Taian, hailed as the “NO.1 Mountain under heaven”, has been declared world cultural heritage site. Each year, the International Mount Tai Climbing Festival held from September 6th to 9th , and a series of tourist activities around Mount Tai attract large numbers of visitors. In addition to the sightseeing, visitors here can enjoy Taian specialities—Chinese cabbage, toufu and spring water. Besides, buying walnut wood and Mount Tai stone will also add fun to the trip.

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Mount Tai



Covering an area of 426 square kilometers and with the altitude of 1545 meters, the magnificent Mount.Tai, which is a 5A national park located in Shandong Province, has been regarded as a holy and sacred place worshiped by Chinese people. It used to be the object of imperil cult for almost 2,000 yea...

Dai Temple



Dai temple,located in the south of Mount Tai, is the largest and most complete ancient building complex in the area. It was the main place to hold worship ceremony and enshrine “God of Mount Tai” by emperors in ancient times. Dai Temple has a long history with its origin tracing back to ...

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