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Wuyuan Attractions

Wuyuan is a world-famous town strongly featured by Huizhou local culture and the idyllic scenery. Wuyuan is located in the northeast of Jiangxi province. Wuyuan gets close to Quzhou of Zhejiang province on the east and Jingdezhen of Jiangxi province on the west. It is near to Huangshan Mountain on the north and Sanqing Mountain on the south. It is a green pearl surrounded by so many world famous places. Traditionally, Wuyuan boasted the traditional education center and tea center. Crowned to be China’s Most Beautiful Village, Wuyuan has been nationally famous as the eco-tour destination. And as one essential part of Huizhou culture, Wuyuan has been one hot destination for visitors or culture lovers to explore. Without any influence from Chinese modernization and urbanization, Wuyuan still keeps its mystery and elegance as a center of classical beauty and traditional lifestyle.

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This village is located in the Sikou County, Wuyuan, the whole village is full of the building dated back to Ming and Qing Dynasty built on the road consisted of slate. With a river in front and a mountain at its back, this village is like a pearl embeded in the poetic and the picturesque scenery. T...

Built in Nansong dynasty, the Rainbow Bridge is now the eldest covered bridge in China. Every corner of this 140-metre long bridge is scientifically designed and well reserved, today, it is still among the most beautiful bridges of all bridges. Various mountains stand on both sides of the bridge for...

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