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Hong Kong Attractions

Hong Kong is a prosperous metropolis of Asia, one of the international financial center and a natural deepwater port with superior condition. As “Oriental Hollywood”and one of the Four Tigers of Asia, the tourism to Hong Kong is very convenient after its return. Hong Kong is a unique meeting place for East and West, blending Chinese heritage and British colonial influences.Hong Kong is located in Guangdong coast,it is a city with rich local colour and also a modern city with high technology . Hong Kong is a colorful tourism attraction, except for its unique cultural heritage, it also has temples ,clan halls and other historical attractions . From its famous symbolic constructions like Mong Kok, Causeway Bay,Queen’s road and Victoria Harbour, or from the modern Disneyland , we can see that Hong Kong has been transferred into a tourism resort with more times.

HOTTop Attractions

Repulse Bay



  Repulse Bay is called “NO.1bay in the world” and it also has the reputation of “Eastern Hawaii”. It is a typical beach in Hong Kong.   Repulse Bay is located in the north of Hong Kong Island and it has a shape of moon. It is near from the sea and mountain and it ...

Victoria Peak



Victoria peak is located in Hong Kong, and is called “peak” by the local people for short. Victoria peak was called “Mount Yingtou” before and also called “Xianglu Peak” in ancient times. It is 554 meters above sea level, and is the highest mountain in Hong Kong. ...

Market is located in southeast Hong Kong Island and northwest Stanley Peninsula. It is faced with Stanley Bay, next to Murray House and Stanley Square in the east, and Narcissus temple is easy to get to from here. There are 4 main roads in Stanley Market, Stanley Main Street, Stanley Market Road, ...

There are thousands of fishing boat in Aberdeen Fishing Village and the village is also called “ Fisherman”. They are mainly Helao people. There is a castle of jewelry. Aberdeen Fishing Village is located between the Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau. Aberdeen has been a traditional fishing Villa...