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Turfan Attractions

Turpan ,called”the Fire Land”, is located in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.It’s a hub of communications connecting Mainland China with Xinjiang, mid-Asia.Turpan City is the center of politics,economics,culture of Turpan Area. Turpan was historically located along the Silk Road and it has long been the centre of an important trade centre.It has a long history of 4000 years,with many cultural and historical relics.

HOTTop Attractions

Grape Valley



Grape Valley is located in Turpan, and is famous for fine grapes both at home and abroad. It is recorded that Grape Valley could date back to thousands of years ago, and the valley is like a sweet river with about 100 kinds of grapes such as Seedless grape, Manaizi Grape and Red Rose Grape. For tour...

Flaming Mountain is lying east of Turpan, which is one of the hottest cities all over the world. Not a single blade of grass grows on the Flaming Mountains well any animals. It looks like a huge red rock, and called Flaming Mountain. Scientific explanation cites tectonic plate movement on the earth&...