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Urumqi Attractions

Urumqi is the capital city of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.It is located in the center of the Asian mainland and serves as a regional transport node and commercial centre. In Urumqi there lives as to 47 nationalities including Han, Uyghur,Hui and so on.Each nationality’s culture, arts and custom form an artificial scenery with strong ethnic characteristics. The unique clothing, horse Riding and other Ethnic cultural activities attract visitors from all over the world.

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With its shady vineyards and trees, this provides a welcome place of relaxation amidst the hundreds of square miles of sand. You may take a seat under the vintage frames, savor various grapes, enjoy the beautiful Uyghur girls in their ornate costumes, and be fully intoxicated by this refreshing pala...

Heavenly Lake is located in Fukang county in Xinjiang and it is a natural beauty which is concentrating on the mountain and lake. It was protected from 1990 as a Preserve. The altitude of Bogeda Mountain is 5445m and it snows all the year. The Heavenly Lake is in the north of Heavenly Mountain on th...

Mount Nan is located in the south of Urumqi and it is a good place for riding horses and having rest. A field of grass covers 23million mu and it is called “Hulun Buir”. It was established as the biggest modern pasture in the South Land. The scenery is beautiful here and it is a good cho...

The mysterious Turpan is very attractive and Gaochang Ancient City which is called China’s western history specimens is the most charming here. Gaochang Ancient City also called Yi du hu City. It means Kingdom. It is about 40km from the Turpan and it was the capital of Gaochang Kingdom. The sc...

Karez Well



Most of the Karez Wells spread in Turpan in Xinjiang. It is a drinking water project which is hand-dug. It is one of the China ancient projects the same as the Great Wall and Grand Canal of China. There are thousands of wells in Turpan and it is about 5000km. There are four parts in Karez structu...

Astana Tombs are about 40km from the Turpan city and it is a public tomb of Ancient Gaochang Kingdom. It is 5km long and 2km wide. The tombs are divided into many areas according to the family. And it is also called the underground museum. In 1988, It was listed as national relic protection. Astana...

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Oct.22, 2012

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