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Taiyuan Attractions

Taiyuan is the capital of Shanxi Province.Bounded on three sides by mountains,it has been called the beautiful and pleasant city ever since . It has a 2500-year history which makes it one of the most famous towns in north china.Taiyuan also has a wealth of tourist attractions and many other cultural relics.

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“Visiting Taiyuan without visiting Jinci Temple is like cisiting Beijing without visiting the Great Wall”. Jinci Temple is located on the foot of Xuanweng Mountain, It was initially built to memory Jiyu, the founding father of the Jin State. Jinci Temple is known for its ancient architec...

The Qiao Family Courtyard is located at Qi County, Shanxi Province, where is a part of the beautiful and richly endowed Jinzhong basin. It was initially built as the residence of the richest banker Qiaozhiyong at that time in 1711, and greatly admired as an artistic treasure. Recently 50 years, more...

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