The Pearl River, the third longest river in China, measures 2129 kilometers. The Guangzhou section of the river is where Guangzhou's most scenic spots are located. The river has a long history and nourishes the civilization of south China. It has three branches, including East River, West River and North River. The evening cruise on the Pearl River is one of the tourist highlights in Guangzhou. Standing on the banks of the river are star-graded hotels and commercial buildings, White Swan Hotel, Hotel Landmark Canton, Nanfang Mansion, Aiqun Hotel, Guangzhou Hotel, Gitic Riverside Hotel. In the evening, both banks are lit brightly. The night cruise starts from the White Goose Pool and ends at the Guangzhou Bridge in the east and Baihedong (White Crane Cave) in the south. There are ten bridges: Renmin Bridge, Haizhu Bridge, Haiyin Bridge and so on. The beauty of the Pearl River at night can be compared with that of Hong Kong's Victoria Park.

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Chen’s Ancestral Shrine

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Temple of Six Banyan Trees

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Heyuan Hotel - Guangzhou

No.196,Linhe West Cross Road,Tianhe District.(广州市天河区林和西横路196号)


Guangzhou Guotai Hotel

No.376, Huan Shi East Road


Nansha Harbor Hotel Guangzhou

No187Jinggang Road, Nansha Economic&Technology Dep


Chundu Hotel Guangzhou

No.212 Huangpu Avenue West, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510623, China