Yue Xiu Park is located in the Jiefang road of the north city named after a mountain nearby.It was built in 1952 and has become a largest omnibus park in Guang Dong Province. Yue Xiu Park is considered to be one of the central parks in Guangzhou city; recently it has been nominated as the scenic park of Guangzhou. There are only eight certified scenic parks in Guangzhou. It acts as a natural defense in the northern part of the Guangzhou city together with Bai Yun Mountain. With height of more than 7000m above sea level, it is also historically known as Yue (Guangdong) Xiu mountain, Yue Wang Mountain. During the Ming dynasty, in the reign of Yong Le, Guan Yin temple was built on this mountain hence it is also called Guan Yin mountain. During the early West Han dynasty, Yue xiu Mountain was known to offer pilgrimage to many people, but then in the early 20th Century, Dr Sun Yat Sen, suggested that Yue xiu should be turned into a grand park which was only realized after the liberation of China in 1949.Now, Yuexu Park is known for providing immense and comprehensive cultural recreation. It consists of one main hill, Yue Jin Gang, 7 small hills Guihua Gang, Muhe Gang, Yu Gang, etc. and Baixiu, Nanxiu, Dongxiu artificial lake. Its total area is 860,000 sqm. Its Afforestation rate is at 92%. It is also a host to famous historical architectural site like Zhen Hai Building, Ming Gu Wall, square cannon site, Dr, Sun Yat Sen’s monument etc. Historical sites and ancient trees were

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