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Lama Temple is the largest Tibetan Buddhism Temple in Beijing. Situated in the northeast part of Beijing City, it covers 66.4thousand m2, houses more than one thousands temples pavilion. Lama Temple features 5 large halls and five courtyards with beautifully decorative archways, upturned eaves and carved details. It houses a treasury of Buddhist art, including sculptured images of gods, demons and Buddhas, as well as Tibetan-style murals. Treasures in Lama Temple include woodcarving mostly, cast-bronze XuMiShan, Shaft iii Buddha, Bhavacakra and Traditional alleyways. Temple fair is a main activity in spring festival eve. As a famous tourist attraction and important religion activities place, Lama Temple has already received celebrities from more than 170 countries. Each year more than 2million tourists come to Lama temple from all over the world.  

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Useful Things for Lama Temple

Walking past Guozijian East Gate, you will see a simple and classical temple. This is Lama Temple, the largest and most well-preserved Lama temple in Beijing. Lama Temple was officially open to public since 1981 as a place for religious activities. Everyday numerous people come to the temple and offer incense, and you may smell the fragrance of the incense outside of the temple yard. Best Seasons to Visit Yonghegong Lama Temple: Spring and autumn are the best seasons for travelling in Beijing, especially in autumn when the weather is cool and pleasant. So you may come for a visit anytime in April, May, September or October.

Yonghegong Lama Temple Best Routes:

Usually the visit should start along the main axis of the major temples from the front to the back. Then go clockwise around the axis to visit the rest of the temple. Situated on the main axis are the Mountain Gate, Tianwang Hall, Lama Temple Main Hall, Yongyou Hall, Falun Hall, Wanfuge Hall. On the east and the west are the Side Halls and the Four Lecture Halls (the Scripture Hall, the Vajrayana Hall, the Mathematics Hall and the Medicine Lord Hall).

Tikets and hours of Yonghegong Lama Temple:

Entrance ticket: RMB 25, with the ticket you get a small CD. Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 How to get to Yonghegong Lama Temple: By subway: Take Line 2 or Line 5 and get off at Yonghegong Lama Temple Station. Get out of the station by Exit C. Walk 150 metres to the west and you will come to the Lama Temple. By bus: Take bus 62, 13, 116, 44 or Te-2 and get off at Yonghegong Station. Or take bus 13, 116, 684 and get off at Guozijian Station.


1. If you choose to go to Yonghegong Lama Temple by subway, be aware to refuse the vendors in the subway exit and on the street trying to sell the incenses. You can always get better price inside the park.

2. Across the street from the entrance, there is another tourist street and a Confucius Temple.

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