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The whole park full of strong color of artistic conception of fantasy. It has a reputation as a "fairyland". Layout of the whole garden in Hainan Island as the center, white pagoda at the top of the mountain stands, South Temple Mountain potential arrangement, direct access to the shores of the foothills of the arch, across the bridge, and Tuancheng Chengguang house momentum coherence, echoed on the north side to the top of the mountains foothills, pavilions pavilions looming Yousui among the rocks, intersect, abound change. Redology circle that it implements the dream, show the red cultural, the art of traditional Chinese landscape architecture of three integrated. Writers believe that it has created a new model of the combination of visual and landscape architecture, which has added the new content of "famous garden" to the Chinese garden community.The cultural heritage that it has created a potential cultural heritage, it is a red chamber culture (Art) Museum.

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