Yabuli Ski Resort is located in Shangzhi city roughly 200 km from Harbin city. Due to the variety of activities such as; skiing, entertainment, tours, leisure purists and historical sites any vacation to this winter wonderland is classified as a multi-functional tourist destination. Furthermore, Yabuli Resort is classified as a national 4As level scenic spot. Yabuli ski center covers an area of 240 hectares, with a high altitude of about 1000 meters. The superior quality of snow combined with its lasting durability make Yabuli ski center an ideal venue for skiing. The resort has successfully hosted the National Winter Games, the Asian Junior Alpine Ski Championships, the Asian Winter Games and a variety of domestic and international events. Furthermore its Alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, and ski jumping venue have been certified by the International Snow League. Additionally Yabuli Ski Resort functions as China's largest tourist skiing holiday base, athletes' training and competition Resort, and as China's Antarctic expedition team's training base. Yabuli ski resort has 11 beginner, intermediate and advanced Snow Road tracks, which are divided into Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and cat jumping skiing divisions according to international standards and practices. The resort has the world’s longest slide at 2680 meters long, which holds the largest number of corners (48) and has a drop of 700 meters. The Yabuli Ski Resort has three Skiing Equipment rental shops, whi

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