Six Harmonies Pagoda

Six Harmonies Pagoda located on the Yuelun mountain near the Qiantang River of Hangzhou Province. It has been built for the imperial viewing of the Qiantang tide in Song dynasty. Department of the tower with green-brick structure, the formation of octahedral pyramid outside the body, a total of seven-storey tower, 59.8 meters high, has a whole view of the whole rive. Photography Guide: Walk up along the moutain behind the north side of the Six Harmonies Pagoda, across the Tower Court, to the tableland as a copy of Ying County Wooden Pagoda, just look back, the majestic of Six Harmonies Pagoda and Qiantang River Bridge will be presented in front of your eyes, and you will find that the most satisfying point is right there. When visitors arrive here, they can appreciate the majesty of ancient tower, also, enjoy the scenery of the Qiantang River, so there are many of the literati poetry along the history, just like a poem : "solitary Taling beyond the sky, the wind blows in all directions. Jiangguang Qiu practice net, Xiao Lan color screen open ", describes the real scenery of the pagoda and the Qiantang River scenery. Six Harmonies Pagoda is also the famous resort for viewing tidal waves. Qiantang River tide, which is a masterpiece of nature, has a reputation of the world wonders. You can enjoy its grander spectacle every day in all year, especially around the Mid - Autumn Festival. In the early Southern Song dynasty, six harmonies pagoda is one of the best places to

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