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Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge

The Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge is located in Liuzhou. In this area there are several different ethnic minorities such as the Miao, Zhuang, Dong and Yao. The County in particular is famous for the stockade villages built by the Dong ethnic minority. The Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge is the most famous. The bridge, which was built in 1916, is not only used to cross the river, but the Dong people also erect covered bridges with porches and pavilions which provide shelter even when it rains. Now there are two platforms, 3 piers, 4 spans, 5 pavilions, 19 verandas and three floors. Walking through the bridge, visitors can sit on the bench and enjoy the picturesque scenery.

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Best Time to Visit Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge: The best time to travel in Chengyang (or Guilin in general) is from April to November. Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge Best Routes: Not Available. Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge Tickets: Open Hours: 24 hours a day Adult Ticket: 60 yuan Child Ticket: 30 yuan Note: Children under 14 years of age and over 1.3 m need to buy a Child Ticket. Children under 1.3 m enjoy free access; Senior citizens aged 65 – 69 with ID cards or preferential cards receive a 40% discount. Those over 70 years old with ID cards or preferential cards enjoy free access; Petty officers and sergeants receive a 40% discount, and compulsory servicemen enjoy free access; Journalists, tour guides and travel agency managers with valid documentation enjoy free access; Tickets can be booked before 11:00 pm every day. How to get to Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge: Address: No.15 Jiangfeng Street in Guyi Town, Sanjiang County, Liuzhou, Guangxi Province. A highway connects Guilin and Liuzhou. Every 20 min there is a shuttle that departs from Guilin Bus Station. The entire trip takes about 5 hours. Private car-driving routes: Downtown Liuzhou—204km—Sanjiang County—18km—Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge Downtown Guilin—167km—Sanjiang County—18km—Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge By bus: Take No.204 through bus to Sanjiang County from Liuzhou, or take No.167 through bus from Guilin to Sanjiang County. Then take No.18 at Hexi bus stop or a van to Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge.

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