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The West Lake is a poem, a painting, a beautiful story. It has overwhelmed both those who live by it and the travelers. The city of Hangzhou is famous for its natural scenery, and most of all, it is famous for the West Lake. The West Lake is one of the most renowned tourist attractions in China. There is also a famous saying in China that “Heaven is for the sky and Hangzhou for the earth”. From the ancient times, there have been numerous poems that praise the lake’s scenery, and people compare the lake with Xishi, reputedly the most beautiful woman in ancient China. Marco Polo visited the city during his travel and exclaimed that it was “the most beautiful and richest city in the world”. The West Lake is a must-visit if you come to China. The scenery of the West Lake is absolutely amazing. The calmness and serenity of the scene is just like a Chinese wash painting brought alive. In spring, the peach trees along the lake are all in pink blossom and the willows have sprouted; the distant mountains are verdant. The lake is as calm as a mirror and is dotted here and there with boats. If you walk along the dam, you will marvel at the intoxicating scene before your eyes. The West Lake is just as breathtaking in other seasons. In summer red, yellow and white lotuses thickly decorate the lake’s surface and make it colourful and vivid; and a cool moonlit autumn night is extremely tranquil and soothing; in winter, clusters of red plum blossoms capped

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West Lake


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Lingyin Temple

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The West Lake Ticket:

Lingyin Temple: RMB 30

Feilaifeng Mountain: RMB 35

Yuemiao Temple: RMB 25

Liuhe Pagoda: RMB 20 Hupao: RMB 15

Guozhuang Village: RMB 10

Santan Yinyue: RMB 20

Yuhuang Mountain: RMB 10

Leifeng Xizhao: RMB 40

Sudi Chunxiao: free of charge

Quyuan Fenghe: free of charge

Pinghu Qiuyue: free of charge

How to get to the West Lake:

Sudi: take bus 507, 504, K4, You-2, get off at Sudi Station. Quyuan Fenghe: take bus 507, 538, 15, get off at Quyuan Fenghe Station. Pinghu Qiuyue: take bus 27 or 7, get off at Yuefen Station. Duanqiao: take bus K7, get off at Duanqiao Canxue Station. Liulang Wenying: take bus K4 or 38, get off at Qingbomen Station. Huanggang Guanyu Park: take bus K4, 538, K599, get off at Sudi Station. Leifeng Tower: take bus K4, You-1, get off at Jingsi Station. Shuangfeng Chayun: take bus 507, You-2, get off at Hongchunqiao Station. Yunxi Zhujing: take bus 27, 508, get off at Longjingcun Station. Manlong Guiyu: take bus K4, get off at Zoo Station. Hupao: take bus K4, 538, K599, get off at Hupao Station. Longjing Wencha: take bus 27, 508, get off at Longjingcun Station. Jiuxi Yanshu: take bus K4, 27, 308, 504, You-5, Jiari-5. Wushan Mountain: take bus 35, 38, 40, get off at Wushan Guangchang Station. Huanglong Cave: take bus 16, 21, 23, 28, K599, get off at Huanglong Cave Station. Yuhuang Mountain: take bus You-3, get off at Yuhuang Station. Baoshi Mountain: take bus K7, You-2, 27, get off at Geling Station.

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