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The historically famous border town located in Sichuan Province was originally known as Songzhou, however today this border town is known as Songpan “the Gateway to the western Sichuan Province” the ancient land of war. Songpan’s natural beauty is enhanced by its long history and ancient sites. Huanglong scenic area was recognized by numerous preservation societies as a natural scenic wonder. These societies include; The World Natural Heritage, the World of Man and Biosphere Reserve, Green Globe 21, National AAAA Scenic Spot four trophies, Muni Ditch, Dan Yun Canyon, Odd Gap, Xuebaoding, Red Rock, Prairie and other natural scenery, national heritage conservation organizations. The city’s attractions include the Sichuan Historical Cultural City, the long march of the Red Army Monument Park,"Maoergai conference" and “Shawo conference” sites. Songpan county is rich in animal and plant resources which include; cattle, yaks, horses, mules, donkeys, sheep, goats and pigs. The province also contains a wide range of wild animals (approximately 258), 110 types of birds; 120 types of mammals; 14 types of reptiles; 6 typs of amphibians and 8 types of fish. Furthermore the province contains: giant pandas, golden monkeys, Bornean clouded leopards and wildebeests. The country strives to protect its entire rare species populations, which include the species found in Sichuan Province such as: macaques, large Indian civets, argali, blue sheep and

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