Located in the coast area of Fujian Province, Jimei is one of the 6 administrative districts of Xiamen and the gate to enter the Xiamen special economic zone. It has a coast liner of around 60 kilometres with an abundant natural resources such as the mangrove forest, Sousa chinensis, branchiostomid, limulus and other country-level protected species. Jimei district is also the famous hometown of oversea Chinese with 60,000 Chinese living abroad. As the tourist area, it enjoys beautiful scenery and eye-catching environment. The former home of Chen Jiageng, the Lilin Palace and the dragon boat palace are all located here with the distinctive characteristics of the southern Fujian, attracting millions of tourists every year. This district is also the educational and cultural district of Xiamen. The Jimei education village has gone through 90 years of tortuous journey. The Jimei university now has 15 colleges of 34 majors, covering 8 disciplines.  

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