The Nanputuo Temple was build in Tang Dynasty, it is the Buddhist sacred land of South Fujian. This splendid temple covers an area of 258,000 square meters with endless joss sticks and candles burning at the temple. With a southern exposure, this temple faces the sea while the mountain is at its back. The main buildings of the axile wire are Hall of Heavenly Kings, Mahavira Hall, Hall of Great Compassion, Depositary of Buddhist texts. The first hall consecrates the smiling Maitreya Buddha, with the four heavenly kings standing on both sides. The most precious articles of the temple are the Saddharma-pundarika-sutra written with some one's own blood in Ming Dynasty and the Avalokitesvara statue made of ceramic whiteware. An other attraction of Nanputuo is its vegetable dishes. They are amazingly popular around the world for the pure, elegant taste.

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