The Hulishan Fortress is the result from the the Westernization Movement of China. Built in the Qing Dynasty, this fort barbette remains to be the eldest and largest seashore barbette in 19 century. Its structure reflects the combination of the style of  European and Ming and Qing Dynasty of China. The barbette of the fort is not made of rocks or cement. It adopts a material used by the masses in Xiamen---concrete made of ash, sand, mud, juice of the camphor tree, sticky rice and the brown sugar. Successfully avoid the situation that when the shell of enemy hit the barbette, the fragments of the cement may hurt people. The most famous cannon was bought from Germany with an effective firing range of 6,460 meters. It still hit a Japanese warship in the beginning of the Anti-Japanese War. The museum here was built in 1997. Its exhibition includes the smallest cannon in the world, 11 cm long with the diameter of 2.4 cm.

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