• Lake Namtso

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  • Lake Namtso

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Namtso is three of the most famous lake in Tibet and it is also a place where Tibetans spread Buddhism. It is called “Sky Lake”. The salinity of this lake is high and wildlife resources are abundant, such as buffs and goats and so on. Wildfowl in lake produces Brachymystax lenok and alepidote fish. You will be attracted by the clean lake and the snow mountain around the lake. The scenery is beautiful. Namtso has its own religious meaning, for example, if a believer of religion passes here, he will throw a stone away. Namtso is also called by people Tengri nor because the lake is so clean that it looks like the sky which has no clouds. The snow mountain around the lake is like Yin-tao and it is reflected by lake and it is solemn. There are 3 islands in the lake. In the south-east of it is a peninsula which is formed by limestone. Then it is grows into karst topograthy(岩溶地形). Stone pillar, tiansheng Bridge and the cave are gorgeous. Main scenic spots are Yingbin Stone. It is named the door of the Namtso. Hezhang Stone symbolizes the loyal love and if you pass the Shane Hole, you should think what you have done wrong before. The awesome extension of its surface lets people can’t help praising.

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